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The Second Civil War

by Energy Whores

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The Second Civil War is about the potential of a second civil war in the USA. This country has been divided into two sides, pro and against Trump by a reckless, xenophobic, racist president who literally wants to go back to circa 1950s America before civil rights, gay rights and women's rights. His agenda is dangerous as it alienates us from our allies and specifically supports Putin and his agenda. He and his administration are treasonous, cruel and without compassion for anything or anybody but themselves. They have to be stopped!


The scowling faces on Fox News support the yowling lying fool
They definitely are enthused to see his cruel agenda through
Rudy says” Truth is not truth!” Abomination on the loose.
Brainwashed groupies with no clue lead angry mobs of unhinged brutes.

Team red and blue will fight a war where red wants things back like before
Where black men used a separate door and women cooked and washed the floor
For fear of change, the ignorant boobs are desperate now to change the rules
Where they alone have right to choose what everyone sees on the news.
What you and me has to see on the news.

The Donald’s petty vanity has led to this insanity,
Decency, humanity, abolished by his majesty
We’ll have to start again from where we were before
Democracy’s a casualty, democracy’s a casualty
In the second civil war.

It’s written in our history books, it’s not too late to have a look
War’s always caused by nasty crooks that lie to disenfranchised schnooks
Who follow them like flocks of sheep and pray to them their souls to keep
Making scapegoats of minorities is cheap when prejudice runs deep

The line was drawn ‘tween left and right now both sides have no choice but fight.
Nothing’s learned among the dead, human potential, silenced instead
You bought his shit now make your bed not knowing how you’ve been misled
As you look upon this war with dread, you could have heard the truth instead
You should have listened. You should have listened to the truth

The Donald’s petty vanity has led to this insanity,
Decency, humanity, abolished by this tragedy
We’ll have to march again like 1964
America’s the casualty. America’s the casualty in the second civil war
Could be the end of the dream in the second civil war


released September 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Energy Whores New York, New York

Carrie Schoenfeld is the singer songwriter for Energy whores.

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