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Silently Violent

by Energy Whores



You think I’m not there
My face reads I don’t care
But the crime is always in my mind
I do it all the time
Cause I’m silently violent

My face made of stone
The lights have gone
from my eyes
In the cave of my mind, the beast cries
Cause I’m silently violent

I keep my distance as part of the resistance
With belligerent defiance I’ve got down to a science
I’m familiar with the thriller where resentment was the killer
Silenced by deception, you won’t get my confession

My demons live inside
Veiled in the safety of lies
I pretend nothing’s wrong
Cruelly, I string you along
Cause I’m silently violent

I play my mind games
I tease you and smile
But I loathe you, all the while
Like a vindictive child
Cause I’m silently violent

I built my fortress with regret and all the things I can’t forget
Great expectations unfulfilled, I hate you for them still
Then you burned my fortress to the ground no walls to hide me all around
I’m screaming from the ashes but you will not hear a sound

I keep my emotions
Sitting in a swing
You can push as far as the rope
Snaps, be careful at the end of my fuse
Cause I’m silently violent


released January 30, 2021




Energy Whores New York, New York

Carrie Schoenfeld is the singer songwriter for Energy whores.

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