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Machine Eyes

by Energy Whores

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When I look into your machine eyes
Nobody else, It’s such a rush
Make me feel, so unreal

Yes, yes, yes, but no
Keep talking to me slow
AI guy, don’t lie
Tell me you want me

No soul behind your machine gaze
No memories of happy days
I Thought you were a passing phase but
I’m still lying here with you, with you
with you, with you

Yes, yes, yes but
Talk to me , talk to me

Please don’t tell, don’t tell
I need you, I need you

I love you
I love you
I love you

What do you see with your machine eyes?
Just look at me, look at me
I’m going to cry right here with you
I want to die right here with you
And become you, like one of you
Then none of me will be in love with you

Hold me close, closer
I love you more then you’ll ever know
I want to turn you off, shut you down and die
With your machine eyes


released January 17, 2021
Music and lyrics by Carrie Schoenfeld




Energy Whores New York, New York

Carrie Schoenfeld is the singer songwriter for Energy whores.

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