Long Before

by Energy Whores



A long before our time
Before the light there was gray
Before the night was even angry
To become the day
To become the day

No blood, bone or teeth to bite
No soft living shape to scurry through the night
Going out to where the road ends and begins again
Giving a small spec DNA to live

Because it almost was a train if thought that ended
When it appeared in the vortex of nothing.
Love is just the math of burning suns
Forever, in their cycle of calm

Before the winds of a billion planets
Spinning without sound, in solitude
No consciousness to notice they were there at all
Not there at all

My thoughts of you are just that
Loves infant shadow long before time
A long time before time
Transcendent, exquisite time


released January 30, 2021




Energy Whores New York, New York

Carrie Schoenfeld is the singer songwriter for Energy whores.

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